What can I do

Telegram Bots

I can create unique and standard telegram bots using pure python and or nodejs if you choose your language. Its fun and captivating

Computer Repair Services

Repairing and offering maintenance to computers is one of my most loved hobbies. It doesn’t take much to learn and do great things

Blog Writter

Are you in need of an assisting blog writter? Then you got your man on the game. Employ my services and see how we will work hand in gloves


Researching for key words and hacking techniques is my game. There is not ISP that can resist my most vulnerable methods of penetration.

Web Designer

I can bring your company, organisation, brand for the entire world to see and appreciate. It is very affordable and very unique.

Full Backup and Restore

If you mistakenly loose your data, corrupted or virus attacked files??? Getting them back will only take me some days and its done.